Issue June 2020
Bringing Paper to Life
Chu Cheuk Wai, Margaret
Thinking out of the (paper) box, cross-disciplinary artist Chu Cheuk-wai, Margaret (L4-05) transforms her drawings on paper into poignant, perky and playful paper sculptures.
Issue July 2021
Fading Impressions
Chan Yi-ting
Photographs fade, so do memories. Perhaps, impressions and images captured by printmaking may last longer? Printmaker Chan Yi-ting (L2-16) encapsulates traces of the mass disruption on the streets through photography, and subsequently prints the images layer over layer in soft, pastel tones...
Issue June 2021
Passing on the Art of Mahjong Craft
Cheung Sing-chung, Ricky & Cheung Hoi-yan, Karen
Issue May 2021
Antic and Animated
Zhang Junjie, Jake
Issue April 2021
Destroy to Create, Create to Inspire
Chan King-hei, Calvin & Kun Tsz-yan, Joyce
Whether it be the world of fashion or society in general, innovative ideas are often conceived by challenging old notions. Founded by Calvin Chan and Joyce Kun in 2014, local fashion brand The World Is Your Oyster (L7-05) takes “the devil is in the details” to another...
Issue March 2021
Endearing Embroidery
Hung Sheung-yee, Shirley
“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly,” said Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s little prince, “what is essential is invisible to the eye.” In a departure from traditional embroidery...
Issue February 2021
Printmaking in the Making
Chang Yue-lam, Henry
Printing might be considered a sunset industry, but would the intrinsic value of printmaking be gone with it? Son of a printmaker, artist Chang Yue-lam, Henry...
Issue January 2021
Bespoke Books
Hsu Wai-lun & So Lai-ping, Somely
Issue December 2020
Live in the Details
Chang Hoi-wood, Howard & Yeung Wai-keung, Gary
Being a curator is a very satisfying experience. We are like the conductor of an orchestra...
Issue November 2020
Vivid Forms, Vibrant Colours
Chau Chung-man & Lee Yuen-suet
Befriended through a shared passion for painting, artist Chau Chung-man and Lee Yuen-suet both likened...