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“Sound Of Silence” Kong Hoi Kan’s solo contemporary Chinese seal exhibition
Date: 10 - 21 / 4 / 2021
Time: 10:00 – 19:00
Venue: L1 Gallery
Venue: L1 Gallery
Organisor:L5-17 Kong’s Craftsman Studio

Dare you listen to your own voice when you are alone? Detach yourself from the surroundings, enter the realm of your senses – in profound silence, a rhythm is lingering in your heart for it has been a companion who spirals and echoes itself repeatedly.

However, we are used to being dishonest with ourselves. Suppressing our innermost feelings, we dread to unearth our fears and desires in the deepest trench, which may overflow with the splashing and crashing ocean of mind. But you never know, the wailing truth from the bottom of heart, is the only requiem that soothes your soul.

The exhibition reveals the artist’s awareness and discovery in his journey. By using the characteristics of Chinese seal, duplication, with onomatopoeia, his works represent a visual process of attaining peace of mind.

This is an artist’s record of finding the echoes of a heartbeat.

*The exhibition is subsidized by HKADC Emerging Artists Scheme

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