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Jockey Club InnoArts Series: SHH – Virtual Reality
Date: 13 - 16 / 10 / 2022
Time: 13 - 16 / 10 / 2022 (Thurs to Sun) > 19:45; 21:00|15 - 16 / 10 / 2022 (Sat to Sun) > 13:30; 14:45; 16:00; 17:15
Venue: Jockey Club Black Box Theatre, JCCAC
Ticket Price: $180;$90 (SC, DIS)
Presenter: Hong Kong Arts Festival Society Limited
Enquiry: ticketing@hkaf.org
Website: https://visit.hkaf.org/14tbqh
Facebook/ Instagram:@HKArtsFestival

The programme is solely sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.
Tickets are now available at art-mate
Art-mate Website : https://visit.hkaf.org/2n3e1f
For ticketing, please contact the presenter for more information

According to the Cap. 599F, all persons must comply with the requirements applicable to place of public entertainment under the “Vaccine Pass” Direction unless they are exempted. For relevant requirements and exemption arrangements, please refer to the prevailing Vaccine Pass Direction issued under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Vaccine Pass) Regulation (Cap.599L) and the Vaccine Pass thematic website:

Heartfelt human stories in face of a global pandemic
A combined interactive live theatre/VR experience

Since COVID-19 first emerged and left its indelible mark on history more than two years ago, the world has experienced separation and isolation but also togetherness in unprecedented ways. Set against the context of the global pandemic, this two-part live theatre/VR experience takes the audience on an extraordinary emotional journey, in which common people fighting the pandemic lose loved ones while dealing with a range of social, personal and interpersonal issues.

Ceremonial and empathetic, SHH leverages the combined power of live theatre and virtual reality to create a unique sense of hyper-realism and poignancy. Acclaimed Shanghai XR (extended reality) artist Zhang Daming and her expert team employed advanced 3-D modelling technology to produce a heartfelt, immersive VR film involving a nurse fighting the pandemic – every breath taken by the characters is felt, every blare of the siren puts the audience on alert.

Award-winning Hong Kong artist, playwright, actress and theatre director Santayana Li (Journey to Home, 2012 HKAF) will also appear as a performer, guiding the audience through a dialogue full of death and consolation. Together with the audience, she will stare at the aftermath of the pandemic directly in the face, with the hope of providing solace to many of us.

SHH deals with issues deeply personal to all Hong Kong people, while at the same time recognising the global nature of the pandemic.

Zhang Daming

Santayana Li

Ng Fung-ming, Clifford Tsang Man-wai, Xie Zhiying, Cheung Pak-kong

• Quota: 24 people per performance
• Approx. 40 mins with no interval
• Performed in Cantonese and Putonghua, with Chinese and English surtitles for the VR experience only
• Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the performance starts for testing the VR headset.
• Latecomers will not be admitted
• To avoid disturbing the other members of the audience and the performance, if you must leave the auditorium during the programme, please wait until a suitable break for readmission as instructed by the venue management.
• It is highly recommended to seek medical advice to participate in the programme if you are pregnant or experiencing pre-existing medical conditions such as psychiatric disorders, heart diseases, epilepsy, motion sickness, claustrophobia, hypertension, vision abnormalities, or are feeling unwell. Audience is advised to monitor their medical and physical conditions to ensure that their health conditions are suitable for participating in the programme.
• If you feel unwell during the VR experience, please seek assistance from staff immediately
• Recommended for ages 12 and above
• Free seating
• All the content of works are independently produced by the organiser/creative team, and do not reflect the views or opinions of the Series nor the Sponsor.

Commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival