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JCCAC x LIFE Mart thematic fair "Craftsmen's Carnival"
Date: 15 - 16 / 6 / 2024
Time: 13:00 - 19:00
Venue: L1、L0 Galleries, Central Courtyard & L2 Terrace
Co-Organized by JCCAC and LifeMART
Please stay tuned to JCCAC website, Facebook「jccacpage」& Instagram「jccac_artsvillage」

Co-presented by LIFE Mart and JCCAC, “Craftsmen’s Carnival” will be held over the weekend of June 15 and 16, 2024 (Saturday and Sunday) at the JCCAC’s Central Courtyard, L0 & L1 Galleries, and L2 Terrace. We are delighted to collaborate with LifeMart again to present a thematic fair for craftsmen series. We are also delighted to feature local illustrator Jasontommy Illustration to design the key visual for this fair.

The culture of the craftsman is like the way of the Bushido, one who spends his life striving for perfection. The same goes for crafters in Hong Kong, who pour their hearts and attention to detail into their works. Through this fair, we hope to bring together different craftsmen and craft enthusiasts to visit JCCAC and share their creative work and spirit.

Many interesting activities await you in the two-day fair – including LIFE Mart’s point-collection game, hare and get by HKRRFM, distribution of souvenirs produced by local illustrators and workshops, etc. Also, select JCCAC artists will open their studios for visitors to explore, through guided studio tours and joining in the workshops they host. Do join us for a great weekend of fun and creativity!