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"Hug You with Wings+Wings"【Let's Be Together Arts Festival 2021】
Date: 11 - 12 / 9 / 2021
Time: 10:30
Venue: Jockey Club Black Box Theatre, JCCAC
Date & Time:
11 / 9 / 2021 10:30
12 / 9 / 2021 10:30
Ticket Price:$100
Venue: Jockey Club Black Box Theatre, JCCAC
Enquiry: lbtafhk@gmail.com

This programme is supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Jockey Club Black Box Theatre Subsidy Scheme
Tickets are now available at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre Box Office and art-mate.
Art-mate Website : https://www.art-mate.net
For ticketing, please contact the presenter for more information

This children’s play will feature the famous Palestinian traditional “Wonder Box”. Through this beautiful fancy box, children sneak a peek into the story through the holes of the box. The paper puppets will magically play around inside this mysterious box. And they will walk out of the box to interact with the audience. This play is all about interaction and imagination, it surely will bring everyone an exciting and unforgettable experience.
The story is about a little bird who was born with four wings. It has been teased and bullied by others for its difference. Mama bird always comforts and encourages this little bird by telling it that everyone is born with a purpose. With encouragement from mama bird, this little bird is determined to search for its life purpose. During the searching, it meets a bird with one wing who cannot fly, and the story of love and caring begins……

*Approx. 45 mins
*For ages 5 or above

Produced by: ImproKids
Director/ Playwriter: Emily Wu
Actors: ImproKids’ actors