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Date: 14 - 27 / 4 / 2021
Time: 10:00 – 22:00
Venue: L2 Terrace
Enquiries:2777 1771;enquiry@jcaasc.hk(Aaron Lam)
Organiser:Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong
Sponsor:JK & Ingrid Lee Foundation

Website: http://www.adahk.org.hk/?a=doc&id=4240
Opening:17 / 4 / 2021(1400-1600)Guided Tour

“Beyond Sight” is the latest accessible art project by Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong. Through its one-of-a-kind photography workshops, the project prompted visually impaired people to break away from the traditional conception that photography is a sight-led activity and create photography works with sensory perceptions beyond visual sight.

Led by three photographers, the workshop series lasted for five weeks. This exhibition showcases the works produced by six visually impaired people during the workshops. By expressing their inner states of mind through photography, each participant reveals their physical condition, the feelings about taking their first photo or their aspirations for the future, and their feelings towards life, family, or society.

The exhibition provides an array of arts accessibility services, including audio description, tangible representation, braille information, sign interpretation, accessible art workshops, on-site accessible tours, and sharing sessions by the photographers with visual impairment, aspiring to give every audience member the equal right to appreciate art.

Curator and Workshop Facilitator: Dick LAU Tin-lun
Workshop Facilitators: Brian YIU, Jimz CHIM Sze-ho
Exhibition and Workshop Participants: WAN Kok-fai, TENG Ho-yin, Sarah, LEI Choi-fat, ZHENG Wen-juan, WONG Yin-chi